Every year selected students, especially the one who rank among the top 20, are sent for at least one month internship to well known industries or organizations. The internship play one of the most vital roles in shaping the practical knowledge of the students and make him/her more industry endorsable. There are more chances of such students being absorbed in the same industry.


We at Bhavan's HBICM understand the post graduate programme is accomplished only when the student is given an opportunity and is exposed to several employers. This will enrich their career right from the beginning.

Special Training

For all the groups at least 5 industries, companies or organizations are invited for campus interviews. The companies look forward towards the completion of the academic session of Bhavan's HBICM, so that they can arrange campus interviews and absorb the best among all the students. Out of the non-working students in the college around 70% of the students are absorbed though campus interviews.